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  • Architecture Design

Our architecture team is always striving to think out-of-the-box, following a bespoke and very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal style. We believe good design is produced from careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgement. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together ensure the finished product; fully develops the potential within the concept.

  • Interior Design

Our designers do more than developing beautiful interiors. They are experts in planning and masterminds of innovation. They integrate and coordinate information, engineer and build services and technologies. We design at every scale, from the private residence to the towering mixed use building. We are equipped to support our clients with integrated service through the lifecycle of a project.


Our design team can take your vision from start to construction. Once the design is complete and permits issued we can officially start construction. The Construction Stage begins by presenting you a final cost and schedule for construction. At this point we review any final changes you might want to make, finalize contracts, start date, and final schedule. Once we are approved to get started, we schedule and coordinate our team.

  • MEP

Leveraging our know-how in technology, we design all elements of mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, process utilities, lab utilities, emergency power, data cabling, network, telecom, audio-visual and critical IT infrastructure in-house for our projects.

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In today’s global economy, sustainable practices and environmental responsibilities are seen as a good practice. We often see it as an extended awareness. So, at IPIPL, we aim to be ‘sustainable’ in business, environmental impact, residential, workplace design, running costs, and resource usage.


At IPIPL, we immerse ourselves in understanding the objective and user’s need, which helps us to articulate the direction and purpose of the project. That’s not all. It also helps us to enable its effective translation into designs that empower overall business performance. Our integrated workplace strategy team works in tandem with our design and delivery teams to accomplish your objectives. This process helps our clients to identify opportunities, reduce and reallocate costs, improve employee engagement, and make faster decisions.


At IPIPL, we offer custom-tailored design that includes a full project oversight. From conception to completion, we work with you every step of the way, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Be it inquisitive, research-led and data-driven, we listen to your needs and get to the root of your objectives and challenges. That’s not all. We also create initial mood board with styling ideas, interior advice, and a colour scheme.


Your brand tells a complete story about your retail entity. At IPIPL, we have mastered the art of reinforcing a brand in the collective subconscious of a customer through our design. At IPIPL, the team ensures that brand recall is an intrinsic part of the design, with a brand identity so unique that it will captivate instantly.


At IPIPL, we are driven to approach projects holistically. From objectives and deadlines to communication, quality and budget, we apply seamless, integrated management to every aspect of our work through exemplary leadership. Our project leadership, construction management and procurement excellence ensure that projects are delivered to the highest quality, on time, and within budget.