At IPIPL, we take our mantra “Evolving Towards Excellence” very seriously. Bringing a client’s vision to life in the most innovative way possible is built into our DNA. Our solutions echo our design philosophy - adhering to the highest standards while giving acute attention to detail. It should therefore come as no surprise that in the last two decades, we have evolved into a leading design firm with a formidable practice ranging from uber-luxury residences, hospitality, offices to luxury retail. From interior design to architecture services, IPIPL has been at the forefront of offering the most cutting edge design with a universal appeal to clients, both in India and overseas.

We are an award-winning design firm led by Amit Porwal with offices in Mumbai & Kolkata. Our team is a great mix of passionate designers, both experienced and new, bringing you design solutions that are imaginative yet technically sound. We keep a client’s comfort foremost in mind and ensure that designs are customized to their needs. Our designs are thus the result of a close collaboration, undertaken to craft a perfectly optimal solution.

Since 2003, IPIPL has been providing answers for all types of interior design and architectural needs, collecting accolades along the way. If you have the space, we have the solution.