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The Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd is an interior design firm set up by Amit Porwal , brilliant interior designer in Mumbai. This architecture and interior design firm was established in 2006, and has been on a soaring trajectory ever since. Co-founders Amit Porwal and Preeti Porwal have received several prestigious prizes such as the Excellence in Architecture and Interior Design" by Society Interiors. Acknowledged Awards for Acetech, Construction world. They have also been featured in multiple industry publications for their trail-blazing projects.

Principle Designer Amit Porwal, Interior designer in Mumbai is an established thought- leader within the interior design world. His body of work of over two decades demonstrates a true versatile; every project is a one-off reflecting his constant quest for new ideas and approaches. His vision comes from an instinct for luxury design and the creative insight to draw ideas from diverse sources, where every space he creates narrates a story.

As luxury interior designer, he believes that a good designer has to re-invent. It's about being inspired by the world around you and channelling that into a well-conceived design.

Amit Porwal brings an international finesse and professionalism to his work. His keen sense of detailing and strong design statements that creates a sense of exclusivity and surprise with every project. As an interior designer in Mumbai, Amit Porwal have designed clubhouses, show flats, premium residences, luxury bungalows, retail spaces, and corporate offices. With his powerful talent in interior designing and architecture, he has a star-studded clientele that includes multi-national corporates, leading developers, and premium industrialists and business tycoons.

Amit Porwal has a robust team of industry experts, led as one of the top interior designer in Mumbai. Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end services in both design and execution, assisting the client through the lifecycle of the project. Amit Porwal’s signature style is minimalist sophistication, using statement accents to add dramatic flair and a strong individuality to each project. Although his preference is for a contemporary design vocabulary, their unerring taste brings a timeless chic to their work.

As a Luxury home designer Amit Porwal thinks more than redefining, we need to define Luxury. Luxury homes can mean different things to different people. It is a state of mind. Most associate Luxury with opulence, grandeur even Bling. But luxury can also be aspirational.

Earlier, luxury home designer had to sell luxury as an aspirational lifestyle. Now, clients are more discerning, they have travelled the world, they are Net savvy. So while it makes the life of a designer easy while explaining concepts, at the same time luxury interior designers have to be absolutely sure of their design. They can’t pass off just about anything as a trend because the client is also equally well-informed today.

There is a shift from going after brands to looking for personal gratification. People are spending more on what makes them comfortable than on XYZ brand, they are spending differently. Interior designer in Mumbai, Amit Porwal as a luxury home designer therefore has redefined luxury giving emphasis to affordability, quality and personal taste.

As a Luxury Interior Designer in Mumbai, he has executed a wide array of projects. From sky apartments to show homes, from ultra-luxury getaways to homes styled in chic minimalism, Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd has a portfolio that is diverse and highly applauded. He has won multiple awards, including in the residential, pan India category. In addition, their projects have been showcased in several design publications, including a coffee table book.

There is a shift from going after brands to looking for personal gratification. People are spending more on what makes them comfortable than on XYZ brand, they are spending differently. He as a luxury home interior designer in Mumbai therefore has redefined luxury giving emphasis to affordability, quality and personal taste.

A home must also include stylish living areas where the family can host social events that match their lifestyle and aspirations. Amit Porwal’s designs are a blend of optimum space utilization with striking aesthetic décor, creating a home that is practical but also a style statement. His maxim, ‘Less is more’ is most apparent when it showcases the creative restraint and sophisticated taste. It is this aesthetic that sets them apart as Interior Designer in Mumbai, and their timelessly chic interior designs are testament to this.

Real luxury living cannot ever truly be given a specific definition. It’s a natural process that sets about as a seed deep within the soul and blossoms through our everyday lifestyle choices and that’s done by a luxury interior designer in Mumbai, Amit Porwal. However, there are a few common characteristics which we want to share below. Let’s unpack the true essence of luxury designs by a luxury interior designer.

High-end interior design is more than arranging chandeliers and tufted settees to somebody else’s preconceived pattern of symmetry. It is about bringing forth the real diamond that shines within us all — authenticity… The authentic design is a canvas for creativity, inspiration, and exploration — and all three are the context and the story that forms the real footing in the art of luxury designs says, Luxury interior designer Amit Porwal.

The depth of detail is what pushes design boundaries further to the sources of authenticity. Hence “customised design” has the magic power in residential and commercial interiors that are created by luxury interior designer according to clients need and tastes.

A high-end luxury interior designer in Mumbai; listens to a client’s vision and translates that into a one-of-a-kind look where every aspect perfectly fits together to create a brilliant end product. Ready-made furniture pieces and upholstery can be a luxury, but to truly enjoy a “perfect fit” design, the custom is the heart of luxe interior aesthetic.

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